50 Most Common Greek Verbs with Examples

a list of the most commonly used greek verbs

I know many of you needed something like this, so I've decided to make a video about the 50 most common Greek verbs. This is a pure vocabulary lesson, no grammar involved. It is ideal for beginners, who take Greek lessons with a teacher and they need a list of verbs to organize their studying, or for those who learn Greek without a teacher and need a place to start.
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Under the video, I give you the list of the verbs with the examples, so that you can print them on paper if it is easier for your studying.

1. είμαι: to be
 Είμαι καλά. 
I am fine.

2. έχω: to have
Έχεις ομπρέλα;
Do you have an umbrella?

3. κάνω: to do/to make
Τι θα κάνουμε σήμερα;
What are we going to do today?

4. πάω, πηγαίνω: to go
O Ανδρέας πηγαίνει στο σχολείο.
Andreas is going to school.

5. έρχομαι: to come
 Έρχομαι αμέσως.
I'm coming right away.

6. λέω: to say/to tell
Εσύ τι λες;
What do you think?

7. μιλάω (μιλώ): to speak/to talk
Με ποιον μιλάς;
Who are you talking with?

8. μπορώ: can
Μπορείτε να μου δώσετε μια πετσέτα;
Can you give me a towel?

9. θέλω: to want
Θέλω λίγο νερό.
I want some water.

10. ξέρω: to know
Τον ξέρω αυτόν.
I know him.

11. δίνω: to give
Δώσε μου ένα μολύβι.
Give me a pencil.

12. παίρνω: to take, to get
Πήρε τα κλειδιά του κι έφυγε.
He took his keys and he left.

13. ρωτάω (ρωτώ): to ask
Μπορώ να σας ρωτήσω κάτι;
Can I ask you something?

14. ζητάω (ζητώ): to ask for
Μου ζήτησε ένα ποτήρι νερό.
He/She asked me for a glass of water.

15. κρατάω (κρατώ): to hold/to keep
Η γυναίκα κρατάει μια τσάντα.
The woman is holding/holds a bag.

16. φέρνω: to bring
Μαρία, φέρε μου λίγο χυμό.
Maria, bring me some juice.

17. ακούω: to listen/ to hear
Τα βράδια ακούω μουσική.
In the evenings, I listen to music.

18. περνάω(περνώ): to pass/to cross/to drop by
Πέρασα από το σπίτι σου, αλλά έλειπες.
I dropped by your house, but you weren't there.

19. γυρίζω, γυρνάω (γυρνώ):to turn, to return, to come back.
Πότε θα γυρίσετε από τις διακοπές;
When will you come back from vacation?

20. πιάνω: to touch/to catch/to reach
Πιάσε με αν μπορείς.
Catch me if you can.

21. μένω: to stay/to live
Πού μένετε;
Where do you live/stay?

22. βάζω: to put (on), to place
Θα βάλω τα ψώνια στο ψυγείο.
I'll put the groceries in the fridge.

23. βγάζω: to take off/to remove/to take out
Ο Θανάσης έβγαλε το σκύλο βόλτα.
Thanasis took out the dog for a walk.

24. αφήνω: to let/to leave
Άφησέ με ήσυχο.
Leave me alone.

25. ανοίγω: to open
Μην ανοίγετε την πόρτα.
Don't open the door.

26. κλείνω: to close
Κλείνω το παράθυρο.
I close/am closing the window.

27. κοιμάμαι: to sleep
Θα κοιμηθώ νωρίς απόψε.
I will go to sleep early tonight.

28. περπατάω (περπατώ) : to walk
Μην περπατάς τόσο γρήγορα.
Don't walk so fast.

29. βλέπω: to see/to watch
Δε βλέπω πολύ καλά, έχω μυωπία.
I can't see very well, I am short-sighted.

30. κοιτάζω, κοιτάω: to look at/to stare
Γιατί με κοιτάς έτσι; 
Why are you looking at me like this?

31. γίνομαι: to become/to happen
Όταν μεγαλώσω, θα γίνω ζωγράφος.
When I grow up, I'll be (become) a painter.

32. φτιάχνω: to make/to fix/to repair
Σήμερα θα φτιάξω μουσακά.
Today, I'll make moussaka.

33. αρέσω: to be liked
Μου αρέσει αυτό το τραγούδι.
I like this song.

34. αγαπάω (αγαπώ): to love
Οι φίλοι σου σε αγαπούν.
Your friends love you.

35. παίζω: to play
Τα παιδιά παίζουν κρυφτό.
The kids play/are playing hide-and-seek.

36. καταλαβαίνω: to understand
Με συγχωρείτε, δεν κατάλαβα.
Excuse me, I didn't understand.

37. μαθαίνω: to learn/to find out
Μαθαίνω αγγλικά και ελληνικά.
I'm learning English and Greek.

38. τρώω: to eat
Τρώω πολλά λαχανικά.
I eat a lot of vegetables.

39. πίνω: to drink
Δεν πίνω ποτέ αλκοόλ.
I never drink alcohol.

40. παθαίνω: to happen/to get
Τι έπαθες;
What happened to you?

41. ρίχνω: to throw/to toss/to drop
Ρίξε μου τη μπάλα.
Throw me the ball.

42. πετάω(πετώ): to fly/to throw (away)
Μην το πετάς, το θέλω.
Don't throw it away, I want it.

43. χρειάζομαι: to need
Χρειάζεσαι ξεκούραση.
You need rest.

44. πρέπει: must/it is required (impersonal)
Πρέπει να φύγουμε.
We must leave/go.

45. φεύγω: to leave/to go away
Θα φύγω αύριο.
I'll leave tomorrow.

46. βγαίνω: to go out/to exit
Θα βγούμε μια βόλτα.
We'll go out for a walk.

47. μπαίνω: το come in/to enter
Σκούπισε τα πόδια σου πριν μπεις.
Wipe your feet before you enter.

48. ψάχνω: to search/to look for
Ψάχνω σπίτι στο κέντρο.
I'm looking for a house downtown.

49. βρίσκω: to find
Δε βρίσκω τα γάντια μου.
I can't find my gloves.

50. νομίζω: to think/to believe
Νομίζω ότι έχεις δίκιο.
I think you're right.

These were the 50 most commonly used Greek verbs, with one example each. Don't forget, there will be separate videos for most of these verbs, exploring their use in depth, with many more examples.
There are already videos for "είμαι" and "έχω". 
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