This Week's Greek Photos! Beach and Watermelons

Hi friends! I thought that some of you might enjoy posts like this, where I share some photos of my everyday life and I talk to you about life in Greece.

If you don't know, I currently live in Pyrgos, a town in Western Greece with a population of around 25.000. The Ionian Sea is only a few minutes away and we have so many beautiful beaches around. In summer, we can choose a different beach to go every day. One of my favorites is the beach of Agios Andreas (Saint Andreas) that is near the port of Katakolo. So that's where we went for our "πρώτο μπάνιο" (first bath). "Το πρώτο μπάνιο" is kind of a big deal for Greek people. It marks the beginning of the summer.

Here's a photo from one side of the beach. It is quite small, with lounge bars that serve coffee and food all day long. The water is clear and most of the times warm. The sea around here in not very deep. You'll have to walk a few meters before reaching "άπατα". That's how we call in Greek, the parts of the sea where your feet don't touch the sea bed.

This one is from a visit to Patras, which is an hour away from Pyrgos. I went there to visit a friend and attend an MBA meeting. It's summer but I still have to work for my future.

 And this one is also a very big deal for Greek people. Another sign that summer's here is the first καρπούζι (watermelon). A summer fruit that everybody loves. And in Greece, when the summer comes, there are καρπούζια everywhere. People grow them and give them as gifts to their friends and family. Well, at least in smaller towns.

So, did you know all that? How you ever been around here? Let me know in the comments!
Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

Με αγάπη,