The Greek Consonants Part 4: The Consonant Combinations: ΜΠ, ΝΤ, ΓΚ, ΓΓ, ΤΣ, ΤΖ

The consonant digraphs ΜΠ ΝΤ ΓΚ ΓΓ ΤΣ ΤΖ are special consonant combinations that together create a whole new sound. Watch the fourth and final part of the consonant pronunciation series.

In the first three lessons, we learned how to pronounce the consonants of the Alphabet.
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Today we're going to learn how to pronounce the Greek consonant combinations. A bit trickier but not much. Watch the detailed video lesson and you tell me what you think of them. How would you prefer to pronounce the word "κάμπος";

The vocabulary of this video:

μπάνιο: bathroom, bath | swimming
ρόμπα: robe, dressing gown
μπαίνω: (I) come in, go in, enter
εμπάθεια: prejudice, malevolence
μπήκα: (I) entered
τσαμπί: bunch (for fruit)
μπότα: boot
κάμπος: valley
μπουκάλι: bottle
τσιμπούρι: tick (insect)
νταλίκα: truck
πάντα: always
ντέφι: tambourine
πέντε: five
ντύνομαι: (Ι) get dressed
κέντημα: embroidery | needlepoint
ντομάτα: tomato
κοντό : short (adj. neuter)
ντουλάπι: cupboard
παντού: everywhere
γκάζι: gas | gas/accelerator pedal
αγκάθι: thorn, prickle
γκέμι: bridle, rein
κάγκελο: bar (for stairs, doors or fences)
γκισέ: counter (for buying tickets only)
άγκυρα: anchor
γκολ: goal (only for soccer)
πάγκος: counter
γκούντα: gouda (the cheese)
μαγκούρα: walking stick
αγγαρεία: chore
άγγελος: angel
αγγείο: (ceramic) pot, vessel, blood vessel
εγγόνι: grandchild
αγγούρι: cucumber
τσάντα: bag
τσέπη: pocket
κατσίκι: young goat
μπράτσο: arm (upper limb)
τσούχτρα: jellyfish
τζάμι: glass (or window or door)
τέντζερης: pot
ταξιτζής: taxi driver
γάντζος: hook

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