The Greek Consonants Part 1: Β Γ Δ Ζ Θ

Hello my friends! Lina here! This is the first part of the Greek Consonants Video Series on my YouTube channel. In this video we learn how to pronounce the first five consonants of the Greek Alphabet, Β Γ Δ Ζ Θ.
Γάμμα is one of the most difficult letters to pronounce for a non-native speaker of Greek. It's pronunciation varies a little, depending on the following letter. But in this video everything is going to be much clearer for you.
The consonants are presented in combination with all the Greek vowel sounds. So, since in Greek there are only 5 vowel sounds, you'll see 5 combinations for each consonant. I give you syllables and word examples.
 My students say this method is fun and helps them visualize what they've learned! What do you think?

The vocabulary of this lesson:

Βήτα - Β, β

Βα - βάρος : weight
Βε - βέρα: wedding ring
Βι -  καράβι: ship, boat
Βο - ράβω : (I) sew
Βου - καβούρι : crab

Γάμμα - Γ,γ

Γα - γάτα: cat
Γε - γεμάτος: full
Γι - μαγικός: magical
Γο - παγωτό: icecream
Γου - γούνα: fur

Δέλτα - Δ, δ

Δα - δάσος: forest
Δε - αδελφός: brother
Δι - άδικος: unfair
Δο - δώρο: present, gift
Δου - δουλειά: job, work

Ζήτα - Ζ, ζ

Ζα - ζάρι : die (dice)
Ζε - μεζεδάκι (little piece of meat or any other snack, usually served with wine or ouzo)
Ζι - μαζί: together
Ζο - ζωή: life
Ζου - ζουμί : juice

Θήτα - Θ,θ

Θα - θάμνος: bush, shrub
Θε - θέμα: topic/matter/theme/subject/issue
Θι - θυσία: sacrifice
Θο - ήθος: ethics, morals, ethos
Θου - ενθουσιασμός: enthusiasm

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And you'll find the video here on YouTube.

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