Learn Greek: Where is it? Πού είναι; Adverbs and prepositions of place

 In Greek, we often use a preposition after an adverb to express place. Sometimes, only when the preposition is  "σε", the adverb can be omitted if it is obvious what it would be. For example if we want to say: "The ball is on the table", we can say:
"Η μπάλα είναι πάνω στο τραπέζι" or
"Η μπάλα είναι στο τραπέζι". 
In the second sentence we omit the adverb "πάνω" (on) because it is easy to  guess. The word "στο" is the definite article "το" combined with the preposition "σε". For more info about the definite article watch this video I made. It explains the use of the definite article and also its grammar. As always there are many examples in it. 

In this lesson, we'll learn some very common adverb-preposition combos, and we'll also expand our vocabulary. All this, of course, with the help of images and a fun game at the end of the video.

In the game, I'll ask you "Πού είναι;"- Where is it? and you'll have to choose the correct answer out of four options. It could also be a fun way for your children to learn Greek!
Let me know what you think of this video and if the visual effects help you more in the learning process.  If you liked it, don't forget to subrcribe to my YouTube channel "Learn Greek with Lina" for more!