Learn Greek: Vocabulary | Exploring the Beach

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Hello friends! Γεια σας φίλοι μου! Have fun and learn Greek at the same time? Is it even possible? Of course it is! It's summertime already, so let's walk on the sand, listen to the waves and explore a Greek beach. What will we find there?
Learn how to describe things we find by the sea in summer, the easy way. This video is also ideal for kids!

Here is my latest vocabulary video. In this one we form simple sentences with the verb "είμαι", and we also use the demonstrative pronoun "αυτός, αυτή, αυτό" (this). We'll talk about the grammar around them probably later this month.

For now let's just see how they are used in simple sentences, in this cute video I created and animated myself. I wish I had more time to make it better, but it took me almost 20 hours as it is! Anyway, it definitely does the job, from what my YouTube students tell me. What do you think?


 After the exploration, the real learning begins! I break down all the sentences used in the video, and I give you all of the vocabulary with IPA pronunciations (a bit adjusted). How much easier can it be?

the towel vector image and greek pronunciation
video screenshot

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