Asking and Giving Directions in Greek | Find your Way Around the City

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Γεια σας, φίλοι μου! Είμαι η Λίνα and this time, we're going to prepare ourselves to explore a Greek city in more onfidence. How? By learning how to ask, give and of course understand the directions we receive in Greek.
In this video lesson I've decided to challenge you a little and let you check how much you underestand by only hearing the Greek language, so I 've left the text out intentionally at some parts.
Do you find this hard, or did you just realize that you can recognize the sounds much easier?
Well, if you have watched some of my previous lessons, I'm sure you'll feel much more comfortable.
So let's see what's going on in this video.

First, I give you the basic questions about directions that you can ask in Greek.

Πού είναι; 
Πώς θα πάω;
Πού βρίσκεται;
Πώς θα βρω;

Pay attention to the cases of the noun that we use in each question.

Πού είναι ο κινηματογράφος; nominative (the noun is the subject of the sentence)
Πού βρίσκεται ο κινηματογράφος; (the noun is the subject of the sentence)
Πώς θα βρω τον κινηματογράφο; (the noun is the object of the sentence)
Πώς θα πάω στον κινηματογράφο; (this is a prepositional phrase with the preposition σε+ accusative)

We'll talk about the cases of the nouns next week so get ready for some serious grammar.

After the questions, I give you some words and phrases that show direction, along with descriptive images.

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Then, the real thing begins. A map of the city, with all the basic buildings and places. You start at a point and you want to get somewhere. You receive the directions in Greek and you follow them. I give the directions twice. The first time - don't get scared - there is no text. The second time I talk much slower and there is also a text bubble.

Ask ang Give directions in Greek map

After that it's game time. There is no text this time but I give the directions twice each. Can you guess what the destination is? This might see hard at first, but learning a language has to be at least a little challenging if you want to really get it.

Finally, I give you all the names of the buildings and places that were on the map of this lesson. We'll have the chance to see these places and many more in future lessons.

So what did you think about this lesson my friends? Do you feel a bit more confident walking around a Greek city now? Let me know and don't forget to like the video, share it with your friends on social media and subscribe to Learn Greek with Lina for more!