This Week's Greek Photos! Beach and Watermelons

This week's schedule | 19-25/6

Asking and Giving Directions in Greek | Find your Way Around the City

The Greek Consonants Part 4: The Consonant Combinations: ΜΠ, ΝΤ, ΓΚ, ΓΓ, ΤΣ, ΤΖ

Learn Greek: Vocabulary | Exploring the Beach

This week's lesson schedule! 12-19/6

The Greek Consonants Part 1: Β Γ Δ Ζ Θ

Learn Greek: Where is it? Πού είναι; Adverbs and prepositions of place

The consonants Part 2: Τα σύμφωνα Κ, Λ, Μ, Ν, Ξ, Π

One Minute Dialogues: #2 Running into a Friend