The Greek Vowels Pronunciation | Speak and Read Correctly

So, if you want to learn Greek, you have to pronounce it correctly, right? This is the perfect video to help you with your Greek vowels and vowel combinations.

There are only five basic Greek vowel sounds! Same color, same sound! Α, Ε, Ι, Ο, ΟΥ.

In this video you will find examples and you will also get your time to repeat these sounds.
From now on, every time you see a Greek vowel or vowel combination, you'll know how to read it! Awesome work!

The vocabulary of this video

Τα φωνήεντα (noun) : the vowels (singular: το φωνήεν)

καλά (adverb): well

πέντε (adjective, number) : five

μήνας (noun): month

τόπος (noun): place

πιτσιρίκι (noun): little child

ξύλο (noun) : wood

χώρα (noun) : land, country

φούρνος (noun) : oven, bakery

οίκος (noun) : house, home

είδηση (noun) : piece of news

υιοθεσία (noun) : adoption

χαίρομαι (verb) : I am glad, I am happy

Have any questions? Ask me here or with a comment under the video and I'll get back to you!

Με αγάπη,