Let's make a Greek spinach pie!- Σπανακόπιτα

I made it this weekend and it's already gone!

So, the ingredients for the basic and easiest version of this recipe are:

A lot of fresh spinach from your grandma's garden! ( φρέσκο σπανάκι)
Greek feta cheese (φέτα)
olive oil (ελαιόλαδο)
1-2 eggs (αβγά)
spring onions (φρέσκα κρεμμυδάκια)
dill (άνηθο)
salt and pepper (αλάτι και πιπέρι)
2-4 home made pastry sheets (or store bought) (φύλλο)

It's such a simple recipe, and soooo delicious, guys! So, as you can see, I have not given specific measurements for the ingredients, because it' s all about taste.
The most difficult part of this recipe is to wash the spinach and cut the stems off. You can choose store bought and ready to use spinach, but it's so much better with the fresh stuff!

Wash and drain the spinach. Make sure that most of the water is gone. You don't want the pie to be soupy. You eat this pie with your hands. Pick your piece up, and give it a good bite! Some people add a tablespoon of raw rice in the mixture, so that it absorbs all the water from the spinach. I usually don't.

Chop the dill and the spring onions.

Crash the feta cheese with your hands in pieces (or any size you like, but not too small, or all the taste will disappear). You need small whole feta bites in there!

Put all these in a big bowl and add your eggs, and your feta pieces,salt and pepper, and mix these together, with a bit of olive oil, until the egg is incorporated. Best to use your hands here.

Oh! And be wise with the salt, because feta is quite salty! You need some extra salt though.

Spread half of your φύλλο (pastry sheet) on an oiled tin, and put the filling mixture in. If you use more than one sheets, oil the first one and then put the second on top.

Cover with the remaining sheets of your pastry and tuck them in, so there in no escape for the filling.
With a sharp knife, mark the pieces of the pie, and lightly push, but do not cut through yet. You just need to let some air flow in between the pastry layers, so that they cook evenly.

Oil the surface, or spread some egg wash on it.

Bake in a preheated oven, for about an hour, at 180-200C (360-390F), until you see a beautiful golden crust on the top of your pie.

And it's ready!
So simple, and it will get better every time you make it! Trust me!

This image is from my blog horiseirmo.gr and it's from a spinach pie I made last year. This weekend 's pie was gone too fast to photograph!