The Greek preposition "σε" - Η πρόθεση "σε"

Prepositions are very important in many languages. In Greek there are 39 prepositions. The most commonly used preposition is " σε ". It can be translated to "at", "in", "on", "to" and it's actual meaning is closest to "to" and "at". Εxamples: Πηγαίνω σ τη δουλειά: I go to work. (I'm going to work) Είμαι σ τη δουλειά: I am at work. It can be used to express place, destination, time, manner, purpose, situation and it is also used in many expressions or idioms. Finally, it can precede the indirect object of some verbs. Example: Το έδωσες σ' εμένα . - You gave it to me . ___________________________________________________ Most of the time, you'll find the preposition "σε" combined with the definite article , in noun phrases, just like in the previous examples. There are special forms of the definite article combined with the preposition "σε" into single words. The

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